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We understand that choosing the correct mattress is a daunting and difficult task. So many different types of mattresses, that it's difficult to get your head around.

Hopefully this section of our website should help you decide which mattress is best for you.

1. Memory Foam Mattresses
2. Pocket Spring Mattresses
3. Open Coil Mattresses
4. Miracoil©
5. Latex Mattresses
6. Orthopaedic Mattresses
7. Mattress Toppers

Memory Foam

 Memory Foam helps evenly distribute your weight, promoting a more comfortable sleep.
Helps reduce pressure on certain spots on your body.
Helpful when sleeping with restless partners, because movement elsewhere on the bed doesn’t disturb your side of the bed.
Dense foam mattresses don't sink under weight and bottom you out.
People with back and neck problems often find they are able to get a more comfortable sleep on these mattresses.


First designed in the mid-1960s for NASA airplane seats, memory foam is made from a substance called visco-elastic. It is both highly energy absorbent and soft. 

Memory foam moulds to the body in response to heat and pressure, evenly distributing body weight. It then returns to its original shape once you remove the pressure.

In addition to protecting against impact, these properties make memory foam very comfortable. After its "virgin flight" for NASA, memory foam made a foray into other applications. For example, it was used as cushioning in helmets and shoes. Medicine found a use for it in prosthetics and products to prevent pressure ulcers such as seating pads for people who are severely disabled.

Then, memory foam really took off. It is now well known for its use in pillows, mattress pads, and mattresses, which come in different densities and depths.


Why is Memory Foam Good For You?

Recommended by chiropractors and doctors alike, memory foam gives an elastic ability which allows it to conform to an individual’s body shape to relieve pressure points across the body. This improves blood circulation and provides a much better sleep. This is all thanks to the material being sensitive to body temperature. When heat and pressure is applied, it will mould around the subject and once pressure is relieved the memory foam material will regain its original shape. As memory foam moulds to your body, it will redistribute the body weight and provide further support to your neck, back, shoulders, knees and legs.

Unlike memory foam mattresses, a conventional spring mattress will apply the same amount of pressure force across your body and is unable to distribute it evenly. By providing you with excellent support and amazing comfort, a memory foam mattress will provide you with place where you can sleep easier at night and if you get a good night sleep every night then that is the biggest reason to get a memory foam mattress.

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Pocket Spring Mattresses


 Higher coil count in a given size of mattresses
 The springs in a Pocketed Spring Mattress are individual in nature and avoid partner discomfort and disturbances
Smaller diameter of the springs for ensuring greater pressure points in a particular area; thus, increasing the support factor and enabling the mattress to contour to body shape 

What are pocket springs?

The pocket spring system is one of the greatest innovations in the bedding industry. Unlike the traditional coil springs, pocket springs are individually created and then placed in their own fabric pockets, which allows the springs to move independently of each other. The result Right support for you and your partner where it's most needed, regardless of differences in weight.

Pocket spring systems also come in a range of tensions which cater to different requirements. Firmness on a pocket spring system is usually dependent upon the how many springs are in the mattress itself. Generally, a spring count of anywhere in between 800 and 1475 is classed to be medium tension, where as 2000 up to 3500 is generally classed as firm or orthopaedic. But otherwise, more does not necessarily mean better- let comfort be your guide.  

Not all pocket spring systems are made from wire with the same strength, durability and quality. Ask for information about the gauge of wire used in a mattress. The lower the number, the more durable the wire. Wire may also be measured in millimetres — obviously the higher the number the thicker it is.

A further variation is the number of active turns in the pocket spring — that is, the number of turns that are absorbing and supporting the weight of the body. The more turns, the softer the bed and the longer the springs will last because the work is spread around.

Some pocket spring systems differentiate support zones in the mattress; usually putting firmer springs in the centre third of the bed to support your heavy bits. It’s difficult to confirm whether they really add to the quality of support offered by the mattress. There are pocket spring systems with 3, 5 and seven comfort zones.

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Open Coil

 The most economical type of mattress
 One of the most well established spring styles
 Extremely variable choices in size, depth and aesthetics


 What is Open Coil?

Open coil mattresses use one of the most long-standing methods of construction. 
Most people have slept on an open coil mattress at some point in their lives, and they are still some of the most widely-available mattresses on the market. Their construction means that they provide the support you need, whilst leaving plenty of room for a variety of fillings that help to provide you with comfort as well as support.

The fairly simple construction of the open coil mattress means that it is one of the most cost-effective mattresses on the market. If you are looking for a budget mattress, you will find a range of open coil mattresses that are both comfortable and affordable.

Open coil springs are usually about 5-6 coils high. A standard double bed has 325 of these coils, although some manufacturers may use more and, of course, the coil count increases as the mattress size rises to king and super king. The coils are all assembled into a single construction with helical wire. This is a thinner, spiral wire that joins the coils at top and bottom to form several rows. An outer rod is then fitted around the top and bottom of the finished construction to provide additional strength. Once the basic construction is completed, the mattress can be filled and the ticking applied.

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Silentnight's unique and exclusive spring system


 The benefits of Miracoil® Spring System


 Zone support for perfect spinal alignment
 Pressure relief for a comfortable night's sleep
 Less partner disturbance
 No roll-together

Even though people come in all shapes and sizes this clever spring system - exclusive to Silentnight - unlike ordinary springs that are circular, has it's own unique shape that spreads your weight evenly across the bed relieving the pressure on the most painful part of your body such as your lower back.


Miracoil-Image                         Rolling Hippo
Miracoil mattress bisection


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Latex Mattresses 


 Naturally derived from the rubber tree
 Reduces pressure for deep, sound sleep
 Conforms for superior back support
 Anti-microbial, dust mite and mildew resistant
 No ‘motion transfer’ between sleepers
 Exceptionally durable, no turning required

The latest hot product you see at mattress industry trade shows is the latex mattress. You see latex being used as topper layers in traditional innerspring mattresses, and more and more you see it being used to replace innersprings as the mattress "core" in manufacturer's upscale mattress lines. Why has there been such a surge in interest for latex mattresses recently?

From what we hear from customers, there are a few different reasons behind the rising interest in latex mattresses. One theme we hear is from people interested in a "green" mattress option. This can include those that want a mattress made of all natural ingredients, those wanting to buy a mattress made from sustainable materials, or those that want to assure that their bed isn't off gassing any unnatural materials into their bedroom.

And while there are other materials that offer some of these "green" qualities, such as organic cotton or wool, none of them have the same buoyant and elastic characteristics that a latex mattress offers. Cotton mattresses, much like futon mattresses, pack down over time and get much firmer, and while wool makes a very nice comfort layer, you still need a good mattress "core" or base, to layer the wool on top of.

Another group of folks find Natural Latex interesting because of its hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, and anti-dust mite qualities. These organisms do not thrive in natural latex.

And finally, there are a fair amount of people that just haven't been able to find a comfortable mattress. Often they have specific pain issues they are trying to address, but others have tried all sorts of other mattress options and just can't get a good night's sleep.

And the truth is that despite all the hype in the industry about latex, it really is a great option for these different kinds of customers. There is no "greener" mattress than an all natural latex mattress, and it can be a very effective choice for those that have chemical sensitivities or other allergy concerns.

The most important reason latex has become the current "hot" product, though, is that it is a uniquely comfortable sleep surface. Latex is both a very dense surface, but also because of its elastic properties, still has a yielding, giving, and conforming quality. So for those that just haven't been able to get a good night's sleep or have unrelieved pain issues, a latex mattress is a top of the line alternative that has a very different feel, offers unparalleled comfort and support, that may well do the trick.

Another plus of natural latex is that it doesn’t sleep hot, dust mites and other microbial organisms do not thrive in the material due to its unique organic properties. Natural latex is also durable, resists packing down, and forming body impressions as well. Because of its buoyant and highly elastic qualities, it allows you to easily roll from side to belly, belly to back, which prevents disruption of natural sleep patterns.


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An Orthopaedic Mattress is a mattress designed to support the joints, back and overall body, Orthopaedic Mattresses are firm mattresses.

With medical innovations in the 1950s, many manufacturers of mattresses made an effort to improve their products and give them an edge over their competitors. It was in the midst of this culture that the concept of a medically superior mattress was born. The Orthopaedic Mattress was the final product of many years of research and development from many different companies.

For many back pain sufferers, the orthopaedic mattress can offer a massive improvement in their quality of life. The appropriate support, and a reduction in pressure point pain can help sufferers to get a good night sleep and much needed pain relief.

The modern orthopaedic mattress comes in a variety of designs and materials. Although the classic coil spring varieties are still common, Memory foam, a space age material, has become the current trend in support mattresses. Memory foam produced a revolution in support bedding, with mattress toppers becoming a way to revitalise an old, or overly firm mattress.


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Protecting the mattress

Although the surface of a mattress can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, it is very difficult to completely remove stains from most standard mattresses. An unprotected mattress can become marked or stained quite quickly as natural perspiration produced throughout the night passes through a standard cloth sheet and creates a characteristic yellowish-brown tidemark where it has been absorbed into the upper surface of the mattress. Mattresses are also susceptible to many other contaminants.

The simplest form of a mattress protector is a lightly quilted fitted sheet. It provides minimal protection against liquids and little or no protection from dust mite allergens.

Waterproof mattress protectors keep the mattress clean by securing it from absorbing body excretions (such as sweat) or other liquids resulting from spills. These can take the form of flat rubberized flannel pads (commonly used under a bedsheet for infants) or special breathable fitted covers. Keep in mind that the Plastic pads are hot to sleep on and change the feel of the mattress. A urethane laminate on cotton that has good wicking properties is an alternative to a rubberized flannel pad. A protector with a thin laminate that is not pulled too tightly across the bed will not change the feel of the bed. Also, the laminate is still breathable which means that it won't trap your body heat.

Because most mattress warranties are voided if the mattress inherits a stain, most sleepers use mattress pads to prevent from voiding a warranty on their mattress.


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Protecting the health of the sleeper


The use of a mattress protector is often recommended to individuals who are known to be susceptible to certain kinds of allergies, especially dust mites. Dust mites produce waste products that irritate the lining of the airways and lungs and particularly with children can bring on allergic reactions, asthma and can irritate skin conditions such as eczema. A full zippered encasement allergen filtration mattress protector can provide an extra layer of protection between you and your mattress, filtering allergens that are known to trigger allergy and asthma symptoms.

For protection against bed bugs, the mattress and box spring must both be fully enclosed with no possible openings. Zippered cases are commonly used for this purpose.

Waterproof mattress protectors also reduce allergy symptoms by reducing the ability of mould to grow in a mattress. Mattress protectors which can be easily disinfected are commonly used in children's nurseries and health care facilities. A 2002 Norwegian study has found that foam mattresses are 4 to 8 times more likely to host dust mite faeces than spring mattresses.

Also there is a large collection of mattress toppers to improve the comfort of the sleeper, including latex and memory foam toppers which also reduce allergies.

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