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Why Are Tempur Mattresses So Expensive?

Why Are Tempur Mattresses So Expensive?

The mattress industry in the UK is worth over £850 million a year and we as consumers are always searching for that perfect night’s sleep. With so many brands of mattress on the market, the question that many of us face is do we spend over the odds for the mattress or do we go for a cheaper mattress. Of course, it’s all down to comfort and one brand has been leading the way in the mattress world for decades and that brand is Tempur!

The first Tempur-Pedic mattress was introduced by a company based in Sweden Fagerdala World Foams, a Swedish technical foam firm and has since expanded from it’s Danish base to become a global mattress brand!

Why are Tempur Mattresses Just So Expensive?

Tempur is one the must have mattress on the market and has many people literally falling into bed with it. They were the first mattress manufacturer to offer what we now know as the memory foam mattress. An idea that originated from of all places NASA who developed memory foam to absorb the pressure of take-off upon its astronauts. So, they took this idea and developed this into the memory foam mattress as the foam easily adjusted to a person’s body shape and seemed perfect to manufacture as a mattress which in turn has now become one of the bestselling mattresses across the globe. As Tempur were the original makers of the memory foam mattress they were of course able to charge top end prices for many years and still do. Being the first to make the memory foam mattress they have of course become the leading brand in the field.

But are you paying for the fact that these mattresses use NASA technology? And does that justify the cost?

It’s All About Brand and Cost

Rather like a Ferrari car or a Gucci handbag it all comes to down to the branding or the name. To be seen with an expensive item or a ‘designer’ brand is a must have for most people and these falls into this category. Tempur are a very highly regarded maker of mattress and have built their brand over many, many years. At the end of the day people will pay top dollar for a well-known brand and they are no different. Due to the high quality of their products, they have been able to corner the market when it comes to memory foam mattresses but there are high-quality alternatives at a cheaper price.

What the Tempur mattress does is provide an extremely high level of support and also can relieve a lot of pressure off the body when you sleep. They can relieve joint aches and joint pains and help you to sleep in the correct position for your body’s comfort. In turn this helps relieve pressure off the spine during sleep and helps to maintain your spine’s health.

They are a world-renowned company and can basically afford the most expensive advertising campaigns mainly due to their brand. Be it in newspapers, magazines, the internet or on TV but these costs are handed down. But to help to recoup the advertising expenditure they have to have the prices of their products high as to help compensate the amount that they do spend on advertising.

Is It Worth The Money?

So now we have looked at why people will spend the extra money on a Tempur mattress let’s take a look at if at the end of the day it is worth the money?

Well, they have a lifespan of about 7-10 years, if of course it is well looked after and maintained but there are many other cheaper mattresses alternatives that have a longer warranty.

One of the major complaints about Tempur mattresses is that they can get unfeasible hot and cause an uncomfortable night’s sleep. The other complaint is yes. you’ve guessed it the cost, many people find them just too expensive!

Many people do see the these mattress as excessively expensive and prefer to go for a cheaper option. Some people have complained of lower back pain, the mattress going mouldy, the mattress sagging. giving off a bad smell, the mattresses being too hard and even that they make weird noises! So an expensive mattress isn’t always the answer. Also to add insult to injury the Tempur mattress is not easy to move around in fact it’s quite heavy and you can’t flip them as sleeping on the underside can cause damage to the mattress!

So maybe spending the money on a designer mattress is not worth it in the end? So, what are the alternatives?

We here at Mattress Time may have the answer to your mattress expenditure issues. We have an alternative to Tempur mattresses as we manufacture our own pressure-relieving synthetic foam! You can choose from a wide variety of our own Memory Foam Mattresses, back pain reducing Orthopaedic Mattresses or Super Luxury Pocket Sprung Mattresses and you will have a relaxing and sound sleep every night. Each of these mattresses can give your body the full support it needs to rest, repair and be ready for the next day! So, the same support and great night’s sleep at a fraction of the cost we can’t say fairer than that!

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As well as our own branded mattresses we also offer this with many well-known brands too such as Restus Beds, Highgate Beds, Kozee Sleep, Joseph and Deluxe Beds. We guarantee that we will have the mattress you require whether it be Memory Foam, Latex, Pocket Sprung, Open Spring, Orthopaedic or a Mattress Topper! Find your next perfect night’s sleep here