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    A mattress topper is a removable layer that you place on top of a mattress for additional comfort and support. Some companies use the terms mattress pads and mattress toppers interchangeably, but a mattress topper is traditionally much thicker than a mattress pad, which is more like a thick fitted sheet.

    Here at Mattress Time, we have a great selection of quality memory foam mattress toppers that not only increase comfort but also enhance the longevity of your mattress. As memory foam mattress toppers are easy to remove and wash, they are also fabulous for keeping your bed hygienic and less prone to dust mites. One of our memory foam mattress toppers affords you all the benefits of sleeping on memory foam without having to pay a high price.

    Our mattress toppers range from 1 inch deep to 4 inches deep and are available in sizes from 2ft 6 all the way up to 6ft.

    We offer mattress toppers that are suitable to use with any type of mattress and made by top UK mattress topper manufacturers.

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