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Latex Mattresses for Extreme Comfort

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Latex Mattresses for Extreme Comfort

Because there are so many types of mattresses to choose from, it is important to know their differences. Latex mattresses are a natural alternative to memory foam mattresses, the key difference being that memory foam moulds to a body's shape responding to heat. In contrast, latex mattresses mould to a body's shape through weight and pressure. Latex is a natural product and is entirely resistant to dust mites and mildew. Latex mattresses are the perfect choice if you suffer from allergies.

Latex Mattresses Advantages

Latex mattresses are among the best-selling mattress types because of their endurance and comfort. Comfort is one of the most notable advantages of a latex mattress. Whether you choose natural organic latex or a synthetic latex mattress, they give a level of comfort that's hard to find with other bed types.

Because of their responsiveness, a latex mattress is a perfect choice for restless sleepers. Unlike memory foam, a latex mattress quickly conforms to the new position when you move.

Here at Mattress Time, we supply latex mattresses in all sizes from small single to super king. Our latex mattress range is covered by our free next-day delivery service.


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