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Open Coil Spring Mattresses at Bargain Prices

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Open Coil Spring Mattresses at Bargain Prices

The open coil spring mattress design mechanism is the longest-standing and most economical mattress composition in the UK. Also known as Bonnell sprung or standard coil mattresses, open coil spring mattresses come in different types of firmness, ranging from ultra-soft to extra firm. Open coil mattresses have an average of 300 springs, compared to the 800 minimum offered by pocket sprung bed manufacturers.

Open Coil Spring Mattresses Guage

The gauge of an open spring mattress will determine how soft or firm a coil spring mattress is. A 13.5 gauge is a soft mattress, a 13 gauge is of medium firmness, and a 12.5 gauge is a firm mattress. Open coils mattresses provide great support, and manufacturers often use them for orthopaedic beds due to their firmness. They usually have more bounce than pocket sprung mattresses and are light and easy to turn over. An open sprung coil mattress is usually not as enduring as other types of mattresses but is a perfect option for children who may outgrow or damage a mattress, meaning it has to be replaced more often than an adult's mattress. Our open coil spring mattresses are available from small single to super king-size and are covered by our free delivery service.


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