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While our 3ft single mattresses are the most popular product in our single mattress range, in some cases, a 2ft 6" small single is a more suitable choice. Our broad selection of quality small single mattresses is perfect for a child's first bed after outgrowing a cot, a guest room, or a box room.

Small Single Mattresses for Box Rooms

Many UK homes have a large master bedroom plus a couple of smaller rooms. The narrow size of a 2ft 6" bed allows a small room's inhabitants to have extra space free in a small room for other furniture and storage.

Create a Cosy Guest Room

Because most guest rooms are used only occasionally, making the smallest bedroom the guest room is usual. You can apply a few tricks to make a small room feel more spacious. Despite the limited space, you can turn even a tiny room into a cosy sanctuary.

Adding full-length curtains, mirrors to the door or walls, and clever use of wall space will help build the illusion of a larger room. However, the best way to add floor space is to downsize the bed to a 2ft 6" single. If the room size allows, position the bed so there is room to move around it, as this furthermore creates an impression of space.

Buying a bed base with incorporated drawers will also give you additional room for your guest's belongings without taking up more floor area.

2ft 6" Mattress Types

Our 2ft 6" mattresses come in several types, including pocket spring, open coil, and our popular memory foam mattresses Memory foam contours to a user's body's shape and evenly distributes weight, improving sleep quality.

Most Affordable Size

If you are on a limited budget and in the market for a single mattress, you can choose between a small single, a 3ft standard single, or a 3ft 6-inch large single mattress. For the same model, the small single mattress will be the cheapest priced in most cases. So, if you are shopping for an inexpensive mattress, this could help you decide to invest in a smaller-sized mattress. Apart from the mattress, the bed base will also be a cheaper option. We have varied 2 ft 6-inch mattress types on sale for under £100, so you will find something to suit even if you are on a restricted budget.

Our free UK delivery service covers our small 2ft 6" mattresses, so order now, and you'll have your brand-new mattress within 24 to 48 hours.


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