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1500 Pocket Sprung Mattresses

We stock an excellent range of high-quality 1500 pocket sprung mattresses available at remarkably low prices, supplied by some of the best mattress manufacturers in the UK. With 1500 encased individual springs, a 1500 pocket spring mattress provides firmer support than its 1000 pocket counterpart. This mattress is ideal for those who share a bed with a restless sleeper, as one person's movements will not affect the partner. Check out our 2000 pocket sprung mattresses for even greater support.

1500 Pocket Springs for Spinal Support

A pocket sprung mattress is worth your consideration if you suffer from aching joints or back problems. Because each pocket spring responds individually to a sleeper's weight, there is enhanced support compared with an open coil mattress. The majority of the mattresses we sell are locally sourced and locally funded, so we know that we're selling only the very best and highest quality available. This way, we are also able to offer goods at very competitive prices. Furthermore, we have our own brand of mattresses, HF4you, priced extremely competitively and available with free next-day delivery.


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