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A standard double mattress is the UK's most popular bed size. A double mattress measures 4ft 6" by 6ft 3", or 135cm x 190cm, and is the go-to size for couples, as these dimensions will fit two adults without the need for an oversized bedroom. With the growing trend for more ample beds, double mattresses are also a well-liked choice for people who sleep alone but might sometimes share a bed or solo sleepers who like plenty of room to turn during the night.

Is a Double Mattress the Right Size for Your Room?

Interior designers recommend a proportion of about 1:3, advising the bedroom is three times bigger than the chosen bed size. But, this is not always feasible, particularly with a king or super king-size bed. But it is best to have at least 30 inches between the bed's edges and the closest walls or furniture. If you are thinking of buying a double bed as a lone sleeper but think it might take up too much space, you might prefer a mattress from our 4ft small double mattress range. This size is ample for one person, but 6 inches narrower than a standard double bed gives you extra room to move or place other furniture.

The next size up from the double in the UK is the 5ft king size. King size beds are not made for smaller bedrooms, so they are incompatible with many UK bedrooms. However, they are an excellent choice for couples with young children who may have nightmares and want to sleep in their parents' bed.

Cheap Double Mattresses

We offer top-quality mattresses from some of the UK's leading brands and manufacture our propriety HF4YOU brand, which allows us to provide our customers with cheap double mattresses at budget prices that are difficult to find elsewhere. So if you are on a tight budget, we have you covered!

4ft 6" Mattress Types

Our 4ft 6" mattresses are available in diverse types, including open spring, pocket spring, latex, and the extremely popular memory foam. NASA originally produced memory foam in the 1960s. NASA scientists developed it to counteract the extreme pressure astronauts faced when leaving or entering the Earth's atmosphere. Business owners quickly discovered that memory foam had other uses, and manufacturers began creating many other products from this innovative material, including mattresses, pillows, and shoe innersoles. Memory foam mattresses form to the body and correct the spine's alignment. The significant level of support memory foam beds provide gives the sleeper the feeling the mattress was custom made for them!

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