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Pocket Sprung

Pocket Sprung

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Pocket Sprung Mattresses - Top Comfort At a Low Price

A pocket sprung mattress consists of individual fabric pockets, each containing a single spring. This design offers excellent support and is more comfortable than open spring coil mattresses, where the springs are connected. Because the springs in an open coil are joined, when you move, the entire bed moves, making it likely two people sleeping together will disturb each other during the night.

Pocket Sprung Mattresses Reduce Motion Transfer

With individual pocket springs, if you move while lying on your side of the bed, you will cause minimal, if any, disruption to another sleeper as the pockets contain the movement to the side you are lying on and will not affect the surrounding springs.

Spring Counts

Models of pocket sprung mattresses have various spring counts. The higher the count, the more support for the spine and alleviation of pressure compared. Pocket Sprung mattresses are currently the most popular and possibly the best type of mattress you can buy if you want a budget bed. They are also ideal if there's a difference in weight between the people sharing the bed, as because the springs work independently, they support each person's weight individually.We are pleased to offer you pocket spring mattresses in various tensions, from plush and soft, to a very firm pocket sprung mattress. Remember when ordering that the higher the number of pocket springs, the firmer the mattress will be, and the bed will generally be of a higher quality.

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