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2000 Pocket Sprung Mattresses

We have an extensive range of high-quality 2000 pocket sprung mattresses available at remarkably low prices. A 2000 spring mattress provides supreme levels of comfort and like all pocket spring mattresses, is ideal for those who sleep with a partner as one person's movements will not transfer to the other. Due to the increased number of springs, the 2000 spring mattress offers more support than the more economical 1500 or 1000 pocket sprung mattresses.

2000 Pocket Sprung Mattress Benefits

If you opt for a top-quality pocket sprung mattress with a high spring count, you're buying a mattress that will last. If you regularly turn the mattress, you should easily get 9 to 10 years of use out of it without feeling any sag. 

Pocket Spring Mattresses Have Individual Springs

This point is of great importance, particularly for couples! Because the springs are independent, two people sleeping on the mattress lie on different springs. Separate springs, therefore, means one partner will not affect the other side of the bed.

When sleeping on an open coil mattress, if one person weighs significantly more than the other, the lighter sleeper will roll towards the centre of the bed.

Pocket sprung mattresses are an excellent option for people who strive to get a relaxing sleep when sharing a bed. Couples with different support requirements will be satisfied with a pocket spring mattress.


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