5ft King Size Mattresses for a Fabulous Sleep

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5ft King Size Mattresses for a Fabulous Sleep

In the UK, the most widely sold mattress sizes include the 3'0" x 6'3" (standard single), the 4'6" x 6'3" (standard double) and king size, which measures agenerous 5'0" x 6'6" or 150cm x 200cm.

King Size Mattress Advantages

There are various motives behind people choosing to buy a large bed, the most obvious being they are more suitable for a tall or heavy sleeper. But smaller people will also appreciate the extra inches a king-size bed offers for a satisfying night's sleep.

Is a King Size Bed Right for You?

Whether a king-size bed is the right choice for you depends mostly if your bedroom is spacious enough to accommodate a 5ft bed comfortably, still allowing for additional furniture in the room. While adequate for two average-sized adults, when sleeping on a standard double with a partner, you might find you and your partner disturb each other when sleeping in a standard double bed together. This is a frequent cause of sleep deprivation, which causes tiredness, irritability, and mood swings. Even if you are not fitful sleepers, on average, people turnover more than 60 times during the night, so your bed ideally will be wide enough for two people to get a good rest without waking the other. A king-size mattress is wide enough for two people to lie with their arms behind their heads and elbows stretched out without touching one another.

Health Benefits

Other benefits of a 5ft wide bed include improved back support, less cramping, and joint pressure.


If you opt for a divan with drawers or an Ottoman base to pair with a king-size mattress, you will gain extra space for under-bed storage. The added storage allows you to free up floor space for a less cluttered room. Once you have enjoyed sleeping on a super king mattress, you'll never want to return a standard double or single!


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