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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are your opening hours?
    What is the deadline for next day delivery?
    What measurements are the different sizes?
    Do you do made to measure mattresses?
    Are your mattresses hypoallergenic?
    How long will this mattress last?
    How soon can you deliver my item?
    Can you collect my old mattress?
    I didn't receive my e-mail order confirmation
    When will my mattress be delivered?
    Where will my item be left?
    My mattress is too firm/soft, can I return it?

    What are your opening hours?

    We are open Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm, Saturday 9am to 5pm, and on Sunday 10am to 4pm. We have a 24 hour answer machine service as well.

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    What is the deadline for Next Day Delivery?

    Next Day Delivery is available on selected lines if you make your purchase before 1pm, on very few lines the cut off time set by the manufacturer at 11:30am this will be stated on the item page if that is so.

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    What measurements are the different sizes?

    The following is a conversion chart for the mattresses.

    Name (Term used)

    Sizes in feet and inches. Width x Length

    Size in cm. Width x Length

    2ft 3 - Cot

    2ft 3 inches x 4ft 7 inches

    70cm x 140cm

    2ft 3 - Junior

    2ft 3 inches x 5ft 2 inches

    70cm x 160cm

    2ft 6 - Small Single

    2ft 6 inches x 6ft 3 inches

    76cm x 190cm

    3ft - Single

    3ft x 6ft 3 inches

    90cm x 190cm

    3ft - Continental

    3ft x 6ft 6 inches

    90cm x 200cm

    3ft 6 - Large Single

    3ft 6 inches x 6ft 3 inches

    107cm x 190cm

    4ft - Small Double

    4ft x 6ft 3 inches

    120cm x 190cm

    4ft 6 - Double

    4ft 6 inches x 6ft 3 inches

    135cm x 190cm

    4ft 7 - European

    4ft 7 inches x 6ft 6 inches

    140cm x 200cm

    5ft - King

    5ft x 6ft 6 inches

    150cm x 200cm

    5ft 3 - Large King

    5ft 3 x 6ft 6 inches

    160cm x 200cm

    6ft - Super King

    6ft x 6ft 6 inches

    180cm x 200cm

     6ft 3 - King Extra

    6ft 3 x 6ft 6 inches 

     190.5cm x 200cm

    6ft 6 - Eastern King 

    6ft 6 x 6ft 6 inches 

    200cm x 200cm 

    7ft - Emperor 

    7ft x 7ft 0 inches 

     215cm x 215cm

     8ft - Caesar

     8ft x 7ft 2 inches

     245cm x 220 cm

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    Do you do made to measure mattresses?

    Yes we do. The majority of mattresses that we do can be made to any size.

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    Are your mattresses hypoallergenic?

    Some have polyester and foam fillings where there is usually less chance of dust being created, but there are some completely hypoallergenic mattresses available. Alternatively, there are hypoallergenic mattress covers also available.

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    How long will this mattress last?

    Mattresses wear out is due to numerous factors such as how the mattress is used (guest room, master bedroom, doubled as a trampoline for the kids), whether it is cared for properly and/or the quality of the mattress itself. The average person spends one-third of his or her life in bed, your mattress is the most used piece of furniture in the home, as with other products, you get what you pay for.

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     How soon can you deliver my item?

    Well, how does tomorrow sound? Most of our products are available for free next day delivery, If tomorrow is not suitable, you can pick your day, weekdays excluding bank holiday’s are free!

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    Can You Collect My Old Mattress?

    Unfortunately we're unable to provide collection. For hygiene reasons we are not allowed to mix old and new mattresses in the same vehicle. We recommend contacting your local council to arrange pickup of the old mattress. You can find your local council's contact details and bulky rubbish collection details on DirectGov.

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    I didn't receive my e-mail order confirmation

    Please check your spam filters on your e-mail account to make sure it hasn’t been accidentally mistaken for junk mail. If you are still lacking an e-mail confirmation, We are very sorry, please give us a call and we can rectify this issue for you.

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    When Will My Mattress Be Delivered?

    Our normal delivery times are usually between 9am and 6pm. Unfortunately we are unable to provide you with a time slot but if you call us on the day of delivery we can advise you of a more specific time bracket.

    If your product isn't in stock, we'll contact you within to arrange delivery on a date that suits you.

    For Two Man Delivery, we'll contact you before delivery is due, confirming your delivery date.

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    Where Will My Item Be Left?

    Free Delivery & Saturday Delivery - The item will be delivered to the front door of your house or block of flats. Unfortunately due to insurance reasons, our couriers can't bring the item inside. If you need help getting it in / upstairs, try our Two Man Delivery upgrade.

    Two Man Delivery - Delivery is to the room of choice when you upgrade to the two man option. Ideal if you'll have difficulty getting it upstairs.

    For more info please see our  Delivery page.

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    My mattress is too firm/soft, can I return it?

    Unfortunately this one's a bit more difficult.

    There are two main things to remember:

    Mattresses are quite large and heavy, so they're expensive to transport.

    We can't re-sell a mattress that's been slept on - no one wants to sleep on a "used" mattress.

    That said, we can usually accept returns of mattresses that haven't been opened, so long as we're notified of your intention to return within seven days. Please bear in mind that we'll only be able to refund the price of your mattress, minus the cost of carriage.

    All in all, we strongly recommend that you try out mattresses in a store before you buy online, because comfort preferences are incredibly subjective.

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